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Depending on your car-buying and credit history, you may be familiar with getting turned away by banks and credit unions when it comes to applying for a car loan with bad credit. At Cars and Credit Master, we understand that just about everyone needs some sort of financial help at some point in life, whether it be financing to purchase a home or a vehicle. That is why, at Cars and Credit Master, we have Fast and Easy Credit Approval program for every credit situation. At our conveniently located car dealerships in Dallas Fort Worth area, our team of auto finance specialists strive to find a great pre-owned vehicle for all drivers, regardless of their credit histories. We understand that having a low credit score can leave you with financial setbacks, but we believe in second-chance financing!

The undertaking of financing a car with less than good credit may seem overwhelming, but to make the process easier, we put together some of the frequently asked questions that our buy here pay here dealerships receive that may help clear up the car buying process.

What Exactly is a Buy Here Pay Car Dealership?

There are different types of auto financing options, and all have advantages, but buy here pay here is way simpler than others when you have a bad or no credit. In-house financing eliminates third-party finance companies and extends a loan necessary to make your purchase by keeping the business interaction between buyer and seller.

If you have experience struggling with a low credit score, you likely can relate to how challenging it can be to secure financing for a vehicle. Many financial institutions, including banks and credit unions will turn you down, and if you need a loan to afford a new or used car, you are seemingly out of options.

However, buy here pay here car dealerships offer a unique opportunity to those with poor credit by offering them a place where they can secure a bad credit car loan. At Cars and Credit Master, we go beyond that by offering a quality and broad selection of reliable vehicles with low mileage and free full vehicle history reports. When you are unable to meet stringent credit standards with banks and credit unions, Cars and Credit Master will help you to get the credit approval you need to purchase your next vehicle with its own buy here pay here program.

Cars and Credit Master is one of the best buy here pay here car dealerships in Dallas and the Fort Worth Area!

How Do I Qualify For A Bad Credit Car Loan?

At Cars and Credit Master, we try to make the car buying process as easy as possible. Qualifying for a bad credit auto loan is as easy as one, two, three! After filling out our auto loan application (hyperlink to application page), all you need for guaranteed approval for a bad credit car loan is to have a job or be able to provide proof of income, proof of residency, and have a valid government issued ID. We value and respect your time, and having all of these can potentially have you driving away in a quality vehicle in about an hour’s time. If you are not sure what does and does not qualify for our bad credit car financing, feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer any and all questions.

How Much Down Payment is Needed For A Used Car Loan?

At Cars and Credit Master, our goal is to make sure you drive away in a vehicle that not only matches your lifestyle, but your budget as well! With that in mind, our used car lots feature a broad range of quality used cars in their inventories to offer customers multiple options. When it comes to down payments, our car finance specialists can customize the amount of money down required per vehicle and per customer. Down payments start as low as $950 dollars including tax, title and license fees.

We want to make sure you drive away in a vehicle of your liking that will also match your budget. However, keep in mind, the best way to keep monthly payments lower is putting more money down initially. If you are unsure about what down payment fits your budget, our financing specialists are willing to help!

How Do I Establish My Credit Quickly?

Time alone will not restore your bad credit score. Credit scores tend to improve the fastest with on-time installment payments on higher lines of credit, such as those used for used car loans!

If you have bad credit and are in need of a quality used vehicle, Cars and Credit Master gives customers quick access to the type of credit you need. Our team can offer great advice to customers on how to rebuild their credit through an auto loan. Contact our team to learn more!

How can I be sure that I am getting a car in good condition?

Every vehicle we sell at Cars and Credit Master comes with 3 months warranty. How can we give warranty on used cars where other dealerships sell them AS-IS with NO WARRANTY? Well, the answer lies in our meticulous vehicle selection process.

    • We hand pick our vehicles before we buy them,
    • Then every car goes through a multi point inspection,
    • We service and do all the necessary maintenance  at our reconditioning center
    • Before we send vehicles to our lots, they all get full detail service.
    • We stand behind our cars and that’s why we are giving 3 months warranty on them.

As an “auto check” certified dealer, we make sure that vehicles are not involved in a major accident, flood damage etc., we check full history reports of all vehicles before we buy them. Thanks to all of this, as a BBB accredited dealership, we have earnt our customers’ trust and outstanding reviews year after year.  

What’s more, we offer a better-in-house used car service center exclusively for our customers in Garland, Dallas, Richardson, Joshua, Fort Worth  and the surrounding areas. Our expertly staffed service center is also available to help you stay on the road by offering affordable car maintenance and repair services.

How Long Does The Car Loan Application Process Take?

The application itself can be completed within a couple of minutes. You should complete it accurately and honestly for better success. Once you submit your application, our finance specialists will review it and reach out to you quickly. If you do not hear from us, do not hesitate to give us a call!

What Payment Terms Do You Offer?

Unlike other in-house financing car lots, Cars and Credit Master offers flexible terms. While terms can be customized to meet your budget and lifestyle, we offer up to 72 months financing with rates as low as 2.9 percent!

What If I’m Interested In Buying a Used SUV, Truck, or Van? Can You Help?

Of course! Selection is never an issue at Cars and Credit Master.  We have one of the biggest inventories of quality used vehicles in the area, including a broad selection of SUVs, trucks and vans such as Chevy Tahoe, Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado and Cargo Vans. You can see our available vehicles by checking out our online inventory.

How Much Are Monthly Payments?

Our used car dealerships in Dallas and the Fort Worth area are focused on ensuring that monthly car payments work with our customer’s budgets. We do not have set monthly payments. Upon receiving your car financing application, we will calculate your payments based on how much money down you can afford and the APR set by the lender.

What is APR? Is 2.9% Interest Really good?

APR stands for annual percentage rate, otherwise known as an interest rate. The interest rate is how much you pay the lender on top of the monthly payment. We offer rates as low as 2.9 percent, which is one of the best deals you will find when compared to financing options from car dealerships.

Can I get a car with no credit or bad credit?

Yes! Cars and Credit Master offers guaranteed approval regardless of your credit score or credit history. At our car dealerships, bad credit is no match! We offer not only some of the best rates thanks to our broad network of lenders and auto finance companies, but we also specialize in helping our customers with poor, little, or no credit and offering them an opportunity to buy a quality used car thanks to our in-house financing car dealership. If you have experienced divorce, recent bankruptcy, charge-offs, repossession, foreclosure, late payments or have very little credit at all, you are in the right place.

Why Should I Choose Cars and Credit Master Over other car dealerships?

If your credit is less than perfect, most new and used car dealerships will likely turn you away. If anything, they may show you a selection of older cars, usually of lower quality, without consideration for what you really want. However, at Cars and Credit Master, we listen to your wants and wishes, and determine what car fits your lifestyle and budget. You can rest assured that we will help you find the right car at the right price. On top of that, we offer 3000 miles powertrain warranty and affordable extended warranties to ensure peace of mind over the entire period of your new vehicle ownership so that you can focus on your priorities.

Do I Need A Co-Signer?

While a co-signer with established credit will certainly help you get approved, at Cars and Credit Master it is not necessary. We want to help anyone who may have experienced some financial setbacks. Which is why here at our buy here pay here dealer in Dallas and the surrounding areas, we are happy to serve individuals with no credit or even bad credit.

What do I have to bring in to take immediate delivery of the vehicle?

1) Proof of Identification

Proof of Identification can be driver license, state ID, or passport of any country.

2) Proof of Income

Proof of income is a document that proves how much money you make and your current financial status. Usually; pay stub or current bank statement. Proof of income is required when purchasing a vehicle from any dealership as well as at Cars and Credit Master.

3) Proof of Residence

Proof of residence is an evidence that establishes truth about buyer’s current residence. This can be any utility bill, lease or mortgage agreement or a piece of mail that shows the buyer’s name and address,. Proof of residence is required when purchasing a vehicle from a dealership as well as at Cars and Credit Master.

4) Full coverage Insurance

You will have two options;

a) Get a comprehensive insurance from any licensed insurance agent you prefer with the following requirements;

  • A maximum deductible of $500
  • Policy must name CCM Finance LLC as loss payee, PO BOX 850307 Richardson, TX 75085
  • Policy must be a “STANDARD POLICY,” “Named Driver Only” policies are not accepted
  • This insurance must be in force during the entire term of your loan agreement.

b) Dealer Provided Insurance; You can get a CPI insurance from Cars and Credit Master, at the time of the purchase.

CPI stands for “Collateral Protection Plan” and it is a single interest coverage for the lender.  You still have to get a state liability insurance coverage from any licensed insurance agent of your choice. We are not authorized to offer liability insurance at the dealership.


  • No Down payment
  • Low Premiums
  • $235 Deductible
  • All Drivers Included
  • No License Required
  • Immediate Coverage


     Deductible: $235

     Monthly Payment: $115.00

To learn more about the details of CPI, please click here.

Se Habla Español?

Sí. Cars and Credit Master tiene el personal dispuesto a atenderlo en su propio idioma, para que obtenga el financiamiento apropiado para un automóvil de su elección.

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